For three days in January 1949 it snowed in Los Angeles, California. Not just it snowed in LA, it snowed for 3 days. In 2012 an article in Los Angeles Magazine claimed that since 1949 there had only been 6 recorded snow falls and none since 1962.

Seeing snow in LA isn’t that rare, I mean on a clear day you can see the snow capped peaks of Mt. Wilson and Mt Baldy and probably some other zeniths that I can’t name. And then there are the times when cities and communities like Beverly Hills truck in snow from the mountains for a fun day of “sledding” in the park.

A nice article written on the 50th anniversary of this odd climate event can be found at the LA Times website. 

If you’d like so see more:

And a set of great photos can be seen in a slide show here.

Another home movie of 1949 Silver Lake.

And a short News Reel story about the storm.  





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