Las Vegas has changed quite a bit since 1960. The Stardust Casino is no longer in Vegas, but you can see in this film where it started out. It’s grandeur a bit more sedate than by the time it was imploded in 2007. (The film starts with an exterior of the Silver Slipper Gambling Hall)

The acts playing the lounges and the big stage in 1960 were:

Lido De Paris the big floor show all the way from..

Tony Pastor Revue

The Kim Sisters.  Here a  a few links from You Tube of the trio performing. They were fairly popular with Ed Sullivan who according to the linked Wiki article had them on his show 22 times. At this link The Kim Sisters perform an Al Jolson medley featuring not only the big show stopper “Won’t You Come Home, Bill Bailey” but also “Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goodbye ” and “Mammy”. Here’s a video from the Ed Sullivan Show where they perform with their mother who had was  a South Korean singing star in her own right. And here’s one more where they triple team a xylophone at the end. Oh and you can get their first album over on iTunes on which they cover The 50s classic Charlie Brown.

Tony Martinez was also on the bill. Martinez was also known or his roll on the television series “The Real McCoys”. You can catch a clip of him and his band over at YOUTUBE from the movie “Rock Around the Clock”

I can’t find much about the last act on the bill, Audre Cooper or the Happy Jesters. I’ll keep looking around for that.






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